Digital Cameras – Time to Dump Them?

Digital cameras are changing the world of photography. They are great pieces of technology that are not hard to learn to use. They are attractive and appeal to many consumers because of their availability in a wide range of prices and features. Digital cameras are very popular devices these days with good reason. They offer many advantages when compared to old, film-based cameras.

Cameras are now found in PDAs and cell phones and even in newer vehicles. The advantages include the ability to keep and print only the photos you want. Their extremely small size makes them very easy to carry around. The easy sharing of photo files over the internet and the ability to adjust image output quality to match individual needs makes them almost indispensable for anyone who uses the internet meaningfully.

These cameras are perfect for normal amateur shots of friends, family, landscapes and other general views too. Many photographers get into digital photography because they can print photos from their home printers.

Digital cameras can range in price from less than $50 to more than $4,000. Cameras with less than one megapixel are inexpensive, but they usually lack important features. Digital cameras with resolution in the four to ten megapixel range are capable of producing professional-quality images. These cameras are designed for amateur intermediate and professional photographers with intermediate skills, and will be rich with features that may take you a month of study and practice to discover.

Compact digital cameras are designed to provide a moderate number of features, stylish looks, and often fit easily in your pockets. If you care more about features like interchangeable lenses, flashes, and other accessories, you will most likely have to consider a dSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera which are more expensive but offer outstanding features.

Only the most serious amateur photographer will demand the flexibility of these cameras, and of course, you should expect them to be larger and heavier than compact or standard models. For example, they won’t fit in your pocket. You will also need to devote more time and practice to learn how to use them.


There are a number of accessories available for digital cameras: battery chargers, underwater housings, slave flashes, tripods,carrying cases, neck straps, conversion lenses, remote controls, and printers to name a few. Each of these accessories will add to the cost of your camera but may be worth it if makes taking good photos easier.


Most digital cameras include some form of memory, whether it’s built into the camera or is part of a separate memory card. When you

purchase one, it is very important to purchase at least a 2 megabyte memory card or more. These memory cards will help you to make the most of the features of the camera. If you enjoy taking short video segments, any extra memory will make that task much easier. It’s often better to think of your digital camera the same way you look at a computer; the more memory, the better.


Most cameras come with a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers defects only. If you plan to take your camera on backroad trips , up mountains, on river rafting trips, extended camping trips or to sports events, you would be wise to purchase the extended warranty that is often offered at the register. If, on the other hand, you will only be using it around the home for birthday parties, then you may be able to make do with the standard warranty that comes with the camera. Remember, digital cameras are not very sturdy and are susceptible to the elements.

Good Photography

Many people feel that digital photography has come of age. It is gradually on its way to becoming a mainstream consumer pastime, with the introduction of true photo-quality 8 million pixel cameras, low-cost toy and teen cameras, and high quality, affordable printing. A digital camera will so fundamentally change the way you think about photography that you will wonder how you ever got along without one. Recently, dramatic improvements in single-shot cameras and RAW image file processing have made single shot, CCD-based cameras almost completely dominant in commercial photography and digital photography as a whole.

For many consumers, this is an acceptable trade-off, especially if they are looking for a camera for their kids or want to experiment with digital photos without spending too much money. If you want to spend a thousand dollars, forget the standard digital cameras and go straight to any DSLR.

Digital picture taking is growing quickly because it offers the advantages of immediacy and ease of operation. Blogs on digital photography and how to use digital cameras abound. We’re just beginning to realize the potential of what it can do for us. Popular photography magazines are crammed full of ads advertising very low prices for digital cameras. Just remember that digital photography is still photography. With the price of digital camera equipment and accessories dropping, the overall quality is continuing to rise with it. It is no wonder that digital photography is becoming a hobby of choice for many from every walk of life.


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