Making Pack Photography Affordable And Effective For Small businesses

For many small and medium sized businesses it often seems to make sense to opt for in house pack photography because of the prohibitive costs involved in producing even a single professional catalogue photo. When the number of products may be several hundred or even several thousand the expense can prove to be too much, and in house photography a sensible alternative.

Whilst the logic of this is certainly readily accepted by many small business owners, it is in almost every case false logic. Let’s understand why by considering Cardboard packaging that makes an impact each catalogue photo as being a salesman, tasked with selling as many of that particular product as possible.

It may seem prohibitively expensive to pay a high wage to a top salesman who has a track record of achieving record sales, and whilst the idea certainly sounds great, the upfront cost or investment is not enough to persuade you to commit to such an option. Instead you decide to give the job to a new recruit, someone with little or no sales experience. They may be able to close a few of the easier sales, such as those where customers were actively looking for the product and had no real need of persuasion, but your overall sales figures are certainly going to be little to write home about.

The problem is that by doing this you’re setting yourself up for a rinse cycle in a vicious circle, because by cutting costs and not investing in professional pack photography, each catalogue photo will certainly have an amateurish ring to it, and will be missing those little tricks of the trade which every good salesman has. By only managing to encourage a few modest sales figures you don’t then have the capital to be able to invest in professional pack photography, forcing your business to remain on the amateur in house level for ever more.

But by investing in professional product photography, perhaps just for a few product lines to begin with, you’ll quickly find that the sales figures become significantly better, and interest much greater. The old adage suggests that you have to speculate to accumulate, and where pack photography and product photography us concerned, this is most certainly true.

Each and every photograph of your products on display on your website, in a catalogue, flyer, poster or other sales material is effectively a salesman for that product. Produce your catalogue photography in house and you’ll receive the kind of sables figures you’d expect to see from an amateur sales person with little experience and few tricks of the trade. Invest in professional photography and you’ll see those sales figures jump in the same way professional, highly experienced sales people can achieve.

It’s easy to assume that a catalogue photo does little more than demonstrate to potential customers what the product looks like, and that it’s really just a supplement to the descriptive text and title. However, it has been demonstrated time and time again that more so today than ever, customers are image driven. It’s the image, the catalogue photo, which captures the eye of almost every single potential customer.

It’s also been demonstrated clearly in many studies that on average a customer will make their mind up about a product, and indeed the company as a whole, within two seconds. That’s about the length of time they’ll glance at a photo if it interests them. That means you have two seconds to impress your potential customer. That’ really is a great deal to expect, and if you’re carrying out the photography in house then it will almost certainly be two seconds wasted.

Invest in pack photography and you’ll be investing in your business. You don’t have to commit your entire portfolio of products to a professional studio if the budget doesn’t allow, but in many cases you’ll be surprised just how far your budget will go, if you choose wisely.

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