Oral Contraceptive Pill, a Breakthrough in Hormonal Contraception

You should never leave birth control to chance and among the many contraceptive ways that are available on the market, oral contraception is the most reliable and convenient way to prevent pregnancy. It is reliable because a majority of oral contraceptives have a very high success rate in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Cilest birth control pills have a success rate of 98% when taken as prescribed. It means that this pill can prevent 98 out of 100 expected pregnancies. The recent boom in online healthcare system has ensured that you can buy Cilest online at a click of the mouse! Let’s learn more about Cilest pills.

Cilest in a nutshell

A Cilest contraceptive pill contains synthetic versions cytotec La Paz of two major female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. A single pill contains 35mcg of ethinylestradiol (oestrogen derivative) and 250mcg of norgestimate (progesterone derivative). The combined formulation of Cilest means that women who are less tolerant to progesterone can be benefited because of its oestrogen content. Many women tend to develop menstrual problems after they take progesterone-only contraceptive pills. Cilest can be a good choice to get relief from painful or irregular periods. Besides, this method of hormonal contraception is also believed to be helpful in curing acne marks.

Starting with Cilest

It is strongly advisable that you start with Cilest pills as and when recommended by your doctor. If you are using this pill for the first time, take it on the day you have menstrual bleeding and continue with it until the pack is finished. Each Cilest contraceptive pill is marked with the name of the days and if your bleeding starts on Friday, take the pill which is marked ‘Fri’.

7-day Placebo

Unlike contraception, regular contraception requires placebo doses just to help the body get attuned with hormonal changes. In case of ethinylestradiol-norgestimate contraceptive pills, the duration of the placebo doses is 7 days during which you do not have to take any pill. You are likely to have your period during this pill-free week and once you have your period, start with the next pack right on the day you experience bleeding for the next menstrual cycle.

In case you forget to take a pill

Forgotten contraception is very common and you should not panic in case you miss a dose. There are only a couple of things to consider when you forget to take Cilest contraceptive pill: how late you are and the number of pills left in your pack. There is nothing to worry about if you remember the missed dose within 12 hours. You can take the next dose on time and continue with the normal dosing schedule prescribed by your doctor. But when you are left with 7 or more pills and you have crossed the 12-hour mark from your last forgotten dose, you need to take the next dose immediately and you will also have to take additional precautions throughout the next week to prevent pregnancy. Ask your partner to use a condom each time you have sex in the next 7 days.

Cilest pills – A contraceptive breakthrough

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